2014: A Year of Adventure

Frida (2014)-  Acrylics on Canvas (16x20)

Frida (2014)- Acrylics on Canvas (16×20) – SOLD $250 @ The DL Lounge, Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 was considered a very challenging year for me; many loses, along with many gains. I have found new friends and had lost loyal ones, I have lost my living privileges privileges yet re-established living connections with family, lost a job to gain another one, made sales on some of my pieces, yet many others have not been sold yet; this year was rough year. However, this year has become a year of blessings and enlightenment. I give thanks to all of the Artists and Curators I have worked with and have befriended; I thank all of my family, friends, customers and fans who have continued to support me. May 2015 be a year of Peace, Love, Prosperity, Joy, Happiness, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Divine Guidance and Positive Life for EVERYONE! 2015-year of Mastery!

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